Meet this week’s #HogeyeHopeful, Shelby Lewis. His running journey has led to a new and healthy lifestyle.



Farmington, AR


General Sales Manager at Lewis Ford Sales

When and WHY did you start running?

My running journey started in the winter of 2014. I was overweight and had lost any motivation to be active. As my journey began, running was just a form of exercise. It has now transformed into an enjoyable challenge and a discipline I work on very actively in my daily activities. After I lost 85lbs, running was a new part of my lifestyle.

Where do you prefer to run?

I enjoy a good road race from a marathon to a triathlon, but I also love running on dirt trails and the freedom it brings.

Do you have a favorite route? 

I run around the Lake Fayetteville trail every Saturday morning with a group of guys and love the tradition and scenery.

What was your “I’M A RUNNER!” moment?

When I finished my first marathon in 2016 at the Route 66 Marathon.

If you could go back and give yourself a piece of advice as a beginner, what would it be?

What took you so long? I had plenty of time in college and should have been out running.

Do you have any racing superstitions or traditions?

I always remind myself while running that it won’t hurt when I’m done, but if I stop, now I will always wonder how well I could have done.

Do you run solo or with a group?

I enjoy running in a group and learning new things and people’s experiences that help them get through tough times or a tough run but also don’t mind a good solo run to clear my mind.

Why do you run the Hogeye?

Growing up, my family was always a part of the Hogeye Marathon, and we would run as a team, a 26-person team. Each person would run one mile, and I always looked forward to getting my race shirt and running my mile.

What makes it special? How many times have you run part of the Hogeye?

Since I started running again, I ran the relay in 2015, the half in 2016, the full in 2017, and the full in 2018, and I will be pacing the full in 2019. The Hogeye always has felt like my local go-to race. Our company has great fun running in the race, and we work to get as many people as possible to sign up and take part in this great event. We have won the Corporate Challenge for the last three years with over 50 runners each year and have a blast trying beat all the other teams in our group.

How can folks connect with you on social media?

Instagram: @lewis306