It’s race week! For the last few months we’ve been featuring Hogeye runners past, present, and future in the “Meet a #HogeyeHopeful” series. If you’d like to share YOUR story, please contact — we want to hear from you, and we’ll continue to post stories even after the race this weekend!


Meet Shelby! Shelby_Hogeye Hopeful

We asked Shelby a few questions that will help you get to know her better as a runner and as a #HogeyeHopeful. Thanks for chatting with us, Shelby!

Hometown: Siloam Springs, Arkansas
Profession: Labor and Delivery Nurse
Age: 40

When and WHY did you start running?
I started REALLY, seriously running January 2014. Before that I mostly ran/walked 1-2 miles to help relieve stress, and stay in shape. I started taking it more seriously because my now fiance was into running marathons. He kept talking about how amazing it made him feel. So I ran a New Years Day 5K, and that day I decided I wanted to train for a half marathon! We made the Hogeye Half Marathon my goal race.

Where do you prefer to run? Do you have a favorite route?
I love running anywhere! Trail runs lately have become my favorite. Hobbs State Park and Mt. Kessler, the Fayetteville trail system and even running in my hometown of Siloam are all places I enjoy!

What was your “I’M A RUNNER!” moment?Shelby_Hogeye Hopeful_2
My “I’m a runner moment” came towards the last part of the Hogeye Half when I finished running up the last hill towards the finish line. I hadn’t run 13.1 miles before and I knew I was about to be done. I caught myself letting out a big sob, and made myself not cry like a baby because I didn’t want ugly finish line pictures!! It was such an unforgettable feeling of accomplishment. What also made the Hogeye even more unforgettable — besides being my first half marathon — was my then boyfriend, now fiance, Jeff proposed immediately after we received our medals. My medal was precious to me, but the ring and proposal was beyond what I thought was one of the happiest, most exciting days of my life!

If you could go back and give yourself a piece of advice as a beginner, what would it be?
Looking back at training last year and this year my best advice would be to NOT skip the short runs, and don’t give up even when hills are so obviously not your friend.

Do you run solo or with a group?
I enjoy running alone and with people. Running alone allows me to think and regroup from being a busy nurse and mom. Running with someone makes the long runs go by faster though and SOMEONE needs to take the running pics!

Do you have a running motto or mantra or favorite quote?
My favorite mantras to mumble during hard runs… With God all things are possible… My pace, my race… And I also like to think of the beer and yummy food I will be consuming after a long, hard run.

Why do you (want to) run the Hogeye? What makes it special?
This year I’m super excited to run the Hogeye because it’s obviously my engagement anniversary race. We will have to run it EVERY year now. Also, I am part of a volunteer organization called ‘I run 4 Michael’. I was matched with a sweet little girl who was born with a congenital heart defect. I dedicate my runs and races to her because she won’t be able to run them herself. The Hogeye will be the 2nd big race I will run for her this year.

Thanks for sharing your story, Shelby! See you at the START LINE!


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