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The Marathon Relay is perfect for runners who may not be ready for a full marathon, but want to be part of the action!

Round up your friends, family, coworkers, and running buddies — and pull together a 4-person relay team for the Hogeye Marathon! This is the perfect way to be part of the event and see what it’s all about. Longest leg is under 8 miles, and running the event as part of a team is a fantastic experience. Check out the details below, and let us know if you have questions.


Here’s some info on the relay!
  • All Relay finishers receive a medal
  • The event is designed for 4-person teams, and will begin at the same time as the marathon. 7:30 am. March 29.
  • Registration fee: $180/team ($45/runner)
  • Relay legs of the marathon course are:
    • 5.5 miles  (exchange point at mile 5.5 – Sam’s Club)
    • 6 miles  (exchange point at mile 11.5 – Lake Road, just past Lake Fayetteville Softball Complex and Lewis & Clark)
    • 7.8 miles  (exchange point at mile 19.3 – Butterfield Trail Elementary School)
    • 7 miles (FINISH LINE!)
  • Relay categories:
    • All male
    • All female
    • Mixed male/female (2 men and 2 women, OR 3 women and 1 man, OR 3 men and 1 woman)
  • Each relay team member must fill out an entry form listing the name of each person running a leg of the relay.
  • A relay runner may run in the marathon or half marathon course also — for an additional fee, and should be the first relay runner.
  • A shuttle service is provided for Relay Exchange Points by Lewis Auto.