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Meredith_Hogeye Hopeful

Meredith in 2013, pregnant with her 3rd child. “I ran an 8k and then alongside my daughter in the Kids 400m run. I think she liked it!”

Meet Meredith!

We asked Meredith a few questions that will help you get to know her better as a runner and as a #HogeyeHopeful. Thanks for chatting with us, Meredith!

Age: 36
Hometown: Originally from Somerset, Massachusetts
Profession: US Coast Guard Officer

When did you start running?
I’ve started and stopped a few times…Originally I started in high school, I ran track and played Field Hockey. In college I ran Cross Country my last 2 years…never really stopped for too long since then!

WHY did you start running?
To stay healthy…during pregnancies and afterwards, to get back into fightin’ shape.

Where do you prefer to run? Do you have a favorite route?
I love First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, VA. The trails are well kept and the scenery is awesome. Very quiet and peaceful.  I have a favorite place in every town I’ve been stationed in. I suppose my all time favorite is San Francisco. Lots of hills and great ocean views.

What was your “I’M A RUNNER!” moment?
When I ran through my last 2 pregnancies. I actually felt really good.

Have you run the Hogeye before, or will 2015 be your first Hogeye?
This will be my 4th marathon but first Hogeye and my first trip to Arkansas! Can’t wait to get my pig on!

If you could go back and give yourself a piece of advice as a beginner, what would it be?
You won’t ever have this much free time, so run as much as you can!

What has running taught you about yourself?
That I am resilient.

Do you run solo or with a group?
I have a few girls from my neighborhood that I go with sometimes but I’m usually on my own. Friends make the runs easier!

What motivates you in running? Medals? PRs? Fitness?
I feel a real sense of accomplishment after any run I do, I suppose it’s that feeling of knowing that you started the day off right. I do love that bling though.

Do you have any racing superstitions or traditions?
I eat really clean the week before a race, try to go to bed early and I wear the same running socks that I wore the day before that particular race. I know I won’t get blisters.

Do you have a running motto or mantra or favorite quote?
Run More, Twerk Less.

Why do you (want to) run the Hogeye? What makes it special?
I have a dear friend who is originally from Springdale, AR. She visited me in Norfolk this past summer and said “Oh, you should check out the Hogeye.” I said OK, so I figured it’s a really good reason for a visit…and now she and her husband (not runners) are running the 1/2. I’m really excited for them. They live in Fayetteville now right near the start/finish.

Is there anything we didn’t ask that you want to share?
I’d like to give a shout out to the organization Girls on the Run. It’s a program in a lot of elementary and middle schools that teaches girls “life lessons” and gets them thinking about a healthy lifestyle and making good choices. Each lesson is followed by some active games and some running. At the end of the 3 month program the coaches, running buddies and girls run a 5k. It’s a lot of fun and the girls really seem to like it. I’ve coached with them in Seattle and Norfolk, it really is awesome.

Thanks for sharing your story, Meredith! We can’t wait for your first trip to Arkansas and your first Hogeye!


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